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Recurring items
Generation VI
[[Honey]] will regenerate in at least four locations periodically: One next to the railroad tracks on [[rt|Route 18|Kalos]], one in the top-right corner of the fenced-in patch of grass outside [[Shalour City]] on [[rt|Route 12|Kalos]] and two in the [[Pokèmon Village]], one in the topmost pavilion and one across the river from it.
[[Pretty Wing]]s will regenerate in at least two places periodically: One in a bush immediately south of the Pokèmon Center in [[Couriway Town]] and one beneath the tire in [[Pokèmon Village]].
A {{DL|Exchangeable item|TinyMushroom}} will regrow occasionally in the farthest-right mushroom stalk in [[Laverre City]].
As in Generation V along the beaches in Unova, items will randomly wash up on the beaches in Kalos, including along [[rt|Routes 8|Kalos]], [[rt|and 9|Kalos]] and in [[Shalour City]]. As in Unova some of these may include but are not limited to, {{DL|Valuable item|Pearl}}s, {{DL|Valuable item|Stardust}}s and {{DL|Exchangeable item|Heart Scale}}s.