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Research data: Confirmed this recently with Tornadus
==Research data==
Pokémon caught and items obtained are stored as research data. Stacks of up to 6 different kinds of items and 6 different individual regular Pokémon can be stored in the research data at a time. If the player currently has 6 different item stacks or 6 different regular Pokémon and obtains another, they must replace one that is already held. If the player has 6 Pokémon or 6 stacks of items, a warning will pop up when pressing "Start Search". In addition to the 6 regular Pokémon, there is also a special row for legendary Pokémon. However, only 6 Pokémon can be sent to Black 2 or White 2 at a time, and the legendary Pokémon are always sent, so regular Pokémon will be left behind upon transferring research data when there are 7 or more Pokémon. Tornadus, Thundurus, or Landorus cannot be inserted into Black 2 or White 2 if the current save file on the game card the player is using already had them transferred from the Dream Radar once before.
Data is transferred to Black 2 or White 2 via Nintendo 3DS Link—Dream Radar transfers research data to the inserted Black 2 or White 2. Once the data is sent, the game must receive it via the Nintendo 3DS Link option in the [[Unova Link]]. New research data cannot be sent until the previous sent data has been received. Upon receiving the research data, Pokémon are automatically added to the current PC Box (or the next Box with free space) and items are automatically placed in the bag.