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*Two scientists in the [[Castelia Sewers]] will give the player one healing item, randomly selected, per day if spoken to. The female, accessible in all seasons, will give the player either a [[Potion]], {{DL|Potion|Super Potion}} or [[Revive]] and the male scientist, accessible only in {{DL|Seasons|Spring}} and {{DL|Seasons|Summer}}, will give the player an {{DL|Status ailment healing item|Antidote}}, {{DL|Status ailment healing item|Full Heal}} or {{DL|Potion|Full Restore}}.
*Once per day the player may volunteer to walk the {{tc|Madame|Socialite}}'s {{p|Mienfoo}} in [[Humilau City]] and will be rewarded with a {{DL|Valuable item|Pearl}} for their troubles.
In {{pkmn|X and Y}},
*A woman traveling from Hotel to Hotel will give the Player's lead Pokèmon an Emotion Ribbon once per day.
*A Maid in the northwest house in [[Camphrier Town]] will give the player a [[Sweet Heart]] each day.
*AIn standthat onsame thehouse seaside part ofin [[CoumarineComphrier CityTown]], willthe haveman onewill ofgive the followingplayer Berriesone leftof onthe itfive eachcondition-curing day:[[Berries]] (Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, or Aspear) when shown a Pokemon of the requested type.
*In [[Ambrette Town]], a Punk beside the Museum will make a trade with the Player of a Pokè Ball for a Dive once per day.
*Also in [[Ambrette Town]], a girl in the left-hand house will give the Player a [[Health Wing]] when shown a Pokèmon with the requested Speed value or higher.
*In [[Coumarine City]], Tierno waits on the cliff above the Pokèmon Center and will give the Player a [[Heart Scale]] when shown a Pokèmon with the requested "Dance" move:
Fiery Dance, Quiver Dance, Lunar Dance, Teeter Dance, Petal Dance, Swords Dance, Feather Dance or Dragon Dance.
*A stand on the seaside part of [[Coumarine City]] will have one of the following condition-curing Berries left on it each day: Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, or Aspear.
*A girl beside the Cafè in [[Laverre City]] will give the Player a [[Pokè Doll]] once per day if shown a Pokèmon 10' tall or taller.
*A young man beside the gate in [[Laverre City]] will give the Player a [[Pokè Doll]] once per day if shown a Pokèmon 0.8" or smaller.
*A girl in the house southwest of the windmill in [[Dendemille Town]] will give the Player a Leppa Berry once per day if shown the requested TM.
*A young girl in the Pokè Ball Emporium in [[Lumiose City]] will give the Player either sever [[Heal Ball]]s or one [[Luxury Ball]] once per day if her question is answered in the affirmative.
*The Loto-ID Center in [[Lumiose City]] will provide the Player with one of the following Items once per day depending upon how many numerals of the Player's Pokèmon's ID numbers match:
MooMoo Milk for one digit, PP Up for two digits, PP Max for three digits, Rare Candy for four digits, and finally a Master Ball for all five digits.
===Fake items===