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A '''rematch''' or '''re-battle''' is a second or subsequent battle against a {{pkmn|Trainer}} or {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}.
In the main series games, it is mandatory for the {{player}} to defeat certain Trainers to advance within the game. Technically, if the player is defeated, they are given the chance to battle this opponent again until defeated (except in exceptional circumstances), itbut isthis stillisn't considered a rematch.
Most of the time, however, if a Trainer is defeated, that Trainer will not be available for a rematch until certain conditions have been met. When Trainers usually agree to rematch, their Pokémon will have become stronger (level up or evolution), or they would already have acquired more Pokémon (sometimes from another region, once the player has obtained the [[National Pokédex]]).