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Marc Diraison

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'''[[File:Marc Diraison'''.jpg|thumb|350px|Marc (born 7 February, 1975) is a voice actor for the English dub of the [[Pokémon animeDiraison]].
'''Marc Diraison''' (born 7 February, 1975) is a voice actor for the English [[dub]] of the [[Pokémon anime]].
== Pokémon roles ==
Diraison first joined the series in [[Pokémon: Advanced Battle|the eighth season]]. asAs thewith most other voice ofactors who worked with [[4Kids Entertainment]], he left when {{hoTPCi|TysonPokémon USA}} [[Pokémon USA recasting controversy|took over the dubbing and distribution of the series]]. He later returned in ''[[DP110|Steeling Peace of Mind!]]''.
=== Voices on Pokémon ===
* {{ho|Tyson}}
* [[Riley]]
* {{FB|Subway Boss|Ingo}}
* [[Character of the day|Additional voicesClayton]]
* {{p|Mienfoo}}
== Non-Pokémon roles ==
* Guts ({{wp|Berserk (manga)|Berserk}})
* Roronoa Zolo ({{wp|One Piece}})
* Saizo Kiragakure ({{wp|Samurai Deeper Kyo}})
* Codemaster Crellan ({{wp|Chaotic}})
* Young Solomon Muto ({{wp|Yu-Gi-Oh! (2000Duel TV series)|Yu-Gi-Oh!Monsters}} Episodeepisode 199)
* Commander Koda, Kalin Kessler ({{wp|Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's}})
* Masami Kyomoto ({{wp|Midori Days}})
* Akihiko Kayaba ({{wp|Sword Art Online}})
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