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Plot: Clean-up
{{Ash}} trains outside with {{AP|Froakie}} and {{AP|Fletchling}}. Froakie's {{m|Water Pulse}} is evaded by Fletchling's {{m|Double Team}}, but Froakie's {{m|Bubble}} makeshits contact,it. butBut even after the blow Fletchling remains upright. Ash praises both for a job well done when [[Alexa]], along with her [[{{p|Helioptile]]}}, walkwalks onto the battle field. She notices {{an|Serena}} has decided to accompany Ash and {{ashfr}} on the journey, while Helioptile plays with {{TP|Clemont|Dedenne}} and {{AP|Pikachu}}. Alexa tells the group she came to collect information for an article, and heard from [[Viola]] that Ash was going to challenge the [[Cyllage Gym]]. Viola is writing an article about the famous [[Ambrette Town]] Fossil Laboratory, who recently made a new discovery. SheThe takesgroup theis groupexcited toabout thethis laboratoryand decides to bejoin surprisedher.
At the laboratory, the group meetsmeet [[Takeda]], a researcher. {{TRT}} watches from behind a bush, curious, and send a flying camera to follow the group inside the lab. Inside the lab, the group seestakes a look at many fossils of ancient Pokémon, but Serena is not impressed. Takeda then leads them down a hall and tells them to put on snowsuitssnow jackets before they go into the next room, which is a freeezer room that is kept at a cold temperature for the Pokémon that live there. Ash slips on the ice and is approached by an {{p|Amaura}}, an extinct Pokémon that was said to live in a cold regionpart far in the north of [[Kalos]]. AIt stompingis announcessoon joined by an {{p|Aurorus}}, its evolved form. They are the big discovery. Takeda explains that the Labratory's excavation group discovered parts of the Pokémon frozen in ice, and were able to restore them. Having lived in a region with few predators, the Pokémon are friendly, and Amaura nuzzles the visitors. By the time Alexa begins to interview Takeda, Team Rocket's camera has recorded everything. Outside, Team Rocket watches the footage and decides to capture both Pokémon.
When the group inside leaves the freezer room to get warm, and Team Rocket breaks into the freezer roomin and pretend to play tag with Amaura to lead it outside and into a waiting truck, where [[Jessie]] waits while. [[James]] and {{TRM}} return to capture Aurorus. When the giant AurorusPokémon proves hard to budge and begins wailing, the others hear and rush back inside. Team Rocket decides to flee with only Amaura, and drive off. While the other researchers try to calm Aurorus, Takeda explains that thethis truckcould willturn sonout becomebad toosince hotAmaura foris Amauraweak to withstandheat and temperatures it's not used to. Inside the truck, Amaura uses its aurora bond to communicate with its evolutionparent Aurorus, who heads out of the freezer room, followed by the peopleresearchers. AnTakeda auroraexplains isthe inaurorus theappears sky;when Amaura's doing,lets asout itits appearscry whenreally it crieshard. Aurorus follows it, with Ash, his friends, and Alexa in pursuit. In the truck, Team Rocket notices the cold being emitted from Amaura and turn on the heater. The high temperature weakens Amaura even more, and far behind the group notice the aurora start to fade as Amaura starts to lose energy.
Along the road, Team Rocket's truck gets a flat tire, and they stop to change it. TheAlexa and the group rescuersmeanwhile notice a fork in the road and they don't know which way to go. Aurorus then calls to Amaura this time, and the aurora grows brighter again as it responds. Aurorus freezes the river before them and the group crosses. Soon they have reached the truck, as Amaura grows weaker and weaker. When Team Rocket refuses to give up the PokémonAmaura, {{an|Clemont}} sends out {{TP|Clemont|Chespin}} to face James {{TP|James|Inkay}}. Clemont hits Inkay with {{m|Pin Missile}}, while the girls and Alexa go to the back of the truck to get Amaura, but are stopped by Meowth. Serena takessends out {{TP|Serena|Fennekin}} who uses {{m|Hidden Power}}, but it is blocked my Meowth's claws. Just then, Aurorus appears behind them and freezes Meowth, allowing the girls to reach Amaura, who is in bad condition. They tell Ash to hurry, and he tells Pikachu to use {{m|Thunderbolt}},. andBut {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} reflects it back with {{m|Mirror Coat}}, but. Aurorus takes the blow however and freezes Team Rocket. Pikachu's Thunderbolt sends theTeam iceblockRocket blasting off again. Once outside the truck, Amaura collapses. Aurorus curls around it to cool down its temperature,. whoseAmaura's health is soon restored. Just as the group decides to get the Pokémon back to the laboratory, the researcherTakeda's truck pulls up and takes them back.
Back inside the freezer room, Amaura has healed completely and nuzzles all the childrengroup. The childrengroup and the Pokémon play in the snow together, and Alexa now has plenty of material for her article.
==Major events==