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Quotes: from Gold
{{incomplete|needs=Pretty much quotes from all generations: Red+Blue, Yellow, Gold+Silver, Crystal, FireRed+LeafGreen, and earlier ones from HeartGold and SoulSilver, as well as check if GS/C games have differences}}
====Gold, Silver and Crystal====
*After the Power Plant has been fixed
:''"<{{player}}>: Hi! I heard you lost your favorite <sc>Poké Doll</sc>. If I find it, you'll give me a rail <sc>Pass</sc>? I'll go find it for you. You think you lost it when you went to <sc>Vermillion City</sc>?"''
:''"Copycat: Pardon? I shouldn't decide what you should do? But I'm really worried... What if someone finds it?"''
*Handing over her [[Lost Item]]
:''"Yay! That's my <sc>Clefairy Poké Doll</sc>! See the tear where the right leg is sewn on? That's proof! OK. Here's the <sc>Magnet Train Pass</sc> like I promised!"''
:''"That's the <sc>Pass</sc> for the <sc>Magnet Train</sc>. The rail company man gave me that when they tore down our old house for the <sc>Station</sc>."''
*Subsequent times talking to
:''"<player>: Hi! Thanks a lot for the rail <sc>Pass</sc>! Pardon? Is it that fun to mimic my every move?"''
:''"Copycat: You bet! It's a scream!"''
====HeartGold and SoulSilver====
*After the Power Plant has been fixed