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Day Five of the Millennium Comet
====Day Five of the Millennium Comet====
Once again, the day is spent mostly driving., Thatand night,Jirachi Maynotices takesMax heris Wishsad Makerabout thensomething. That night, May folds the fifth panel of 'Dayher 5Wish of the Wishing Star'Maker. However, Max snaps at her for doing it, as it is a reminder that he has only two days left with Jirachi. The boyHe then runs off in distress, and Ash follows to talk to him. Ash assures Max that really good friends never really leave, and tells him that he recently separated from {{an|Misty|one of his best friends}} and although he misses her a lot he knows that she's still with him in spirit. Max cheers up, knowing that he and Jirachi will still be friends even if separated.
====Day Six of the Millennium Comet====