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Once every thousand years, the [[Millennium Comet]] is visible from earth for only seven nights... and now the time for it to appear among the stars has arrived again. {{Ash}} and {{Ashfr}} arrive at the location where a carnival is due to be held to celebrate the comet's arrival... but despite {{an|Brock}}'s guidebook guiding them to the correct spot, there's no sign of a park, or even anything but open plains. As it's late at night, everyone decides to get some sleep and resume the search the next morning.
During the night Pikachu wakes up when he hears trucks from a distance. It then wakes everyone up, as the workers are starting to erect the carnival. A yellow pickup then parks on the side and a purple-haired man then come out with a briefcase. He then takes a magician stick and opens the briefcase. Pink balloons then magically come out of his briefcase, as he hit them with his stick. A woman then comes out with two fans and hit the balloons with them. Once all balloons are forming a circle, they pop up, and a huge tent is slowly created by the magician. Everyone stares in wonder at the magician, while Brock (of course) has his eyes on the woman. Soon the carnival is erected, and it sure looks like a lot of fun.
====Day One of the Millennium Comet====
====Day Two of the Millennium Comet====
The sun rises on a brand new day, and Max eagerly waits for Jirachi to wake up which it soon does and in no time is happily flying around Butler's van. With Team Rocket having left Butler's employment, Ash and Brock are now his new clowns. Max goes to the amusement park with Jirachi and have fun the whole day. At twilight, Absol can be seen rushing to the park. May folds the 'Day 2 of the Wishing Star' while she's carrying a lighting rig, but hits a leg of wood and it starts to fall. She asks for Max's help, however Jirachi is far more interested in playing than helping and steals Max's glasses. But Max hears an eerie sound coming from the mirror. The mirror breaks, revealing Absol! Butler recognizes Absol, a Pokémon which is known to appear just before a disaster. Absol runs after Max and Jirachi. May, seeing her brother in danger, summons {{TP|May|Torchic}} and orders an {{m|Ember}} but the attack is far too weak and Absol continues to approach Max dangerously. Ash sends in Pikachu telling him to use {{m|Thunderbolt}} which succeeds in hurting Absol and sending it flying back... but also makes it even angrier. Jirachi tells Max that Absol is here for it and then teleports Pikachu and Torchic away. The two reappear far above the tent, and fall although the tent cushions their fall. Now there is nothing protecting Max and Jirachi, however Absol then changes its target and rushes towards the gang when Butler opens a booby-trap and Absol falls into it. The trap then release a cage with Absol in it. Kirlia then uses {{m|Hypnosis}} to send it to sleep. During night, May sits on a rock and folds the second panel of her Wish Maker and then notices Butler going back to the tent with something., That'swhich right,is it'srevealed to be Jirachi!. Butler puts it on somea machine that would create a Groudon, to get revenge on Team Magma, who fired him and made a mockery of his Magicaloriginal tricksmachine long ago, when he failed to create a Groudon before the Team Magma Council. He then asks Jirachi to open its true eye 'Millennium Eye', but Jirachi refuses. Dusclops then starts torturing Jirachi until its Millennium Eye is opened. Absol washad actually therecome to protect Jirachi and take him back from Butler...but to where it can'tcame dofrom, abut thingthe sincecage it'sprevents inhim afrom cagedoing anything. The gang then sees a beam coming out of the tent. Butler's machinesmachine explodes, and Max rushes to a severely injured Jirachi. He then flees but Dusclops blocks him. Absol then breaks free of the cage and defeats Dusclops, who faints. Butler then send his Mightyena to run after Diane's bus., and Mightyena thenmanages sticksto stick a tracker under the bus, which allows Butler to keep track of all their movements.
====Day Three of the Millennium Comet====