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After going through the {{ka|Victory Road}}, {{OBP|Red|Origins}} makes it to [[Indigo Plateau]], where he fights against the [[Elite Four]]. He finally defeats the last member of the Elite Four, [[Lance]], who tells Red that he still has to face one more challenge in order to become the {{pkmn|Champion}}: the current Pokémon League Champion. Red enters the final arena, and is surprised to find out that the Champion is none other than {{OBP|Blue|Origins}}, who is also surprised that Red made it. While Red was battling, Blue was busy searching for the right Pokémon to match up with his opponents. The battle begins and after some intense fighting between both Trainers' entire [[party|teams]], after Blue's {{p|Blastoise}} defeats Red's {{p|Jolteon}}, Red declares that the battle isn't over yet, and sends out his final Pokémon, {{p|Charizard}}. Blue remarks that this is similar to their first Pokémon battle, which he easily won. Red counters that the things will be different this time. Charizard charges in with a {{m|Mega Punch}}, but it does hardly any [[damage]] on the Shellfish Pokémon. Blastoise uses {{m|Hydro Pump}}, landing a powerful hit on Charizard and massively reducing its {{stat|HP}}. Despite of this, Charizard holds on to a sliver of its health, and uses {{m|Fire Spin}}, trapping Blastoise in a fiery vortex. Blue is getting worried of Blastoise's condition, and Red orders Charizard to use {{m|Fire Blast}}, which lands a clean hit on Blastoise, reducing its HP to zero. Red congratulates Charizard of their victory, while Blue [[recall]]s his Blastoise and starts wondering how he could have lost, only just having become the Champion, and complains that his reign is over already. Relucantly, he admits Red that he's the new League Champion.
Suddenly, [[Professor Oak]] shows up, congratulating Red on his victory. He admires how much he has grown since he set on his quest with {{p|Charmander}}, and then turns to Blue, explaining that he had departed for the Pokémon League as soon as he had heard that his grandson had defeated the Elite Four, but by the time he arrived, Blue had already lost his Champion title to Red. Blue complains that he just took totoo long, but Professor Oak ignores this, instead asking Blue if he understands why he lost. When Blue tries to explain that Red's victory was just a fluke, Professor Oak snaps at him, telling him that he lost because he didn't treat his Pokémon with trust and love. Professor Oak then turns to Red again, and asks him to follow him. They enter the next room, the [[Hall of Fame]], where all the Pokémon League Champions and their Pokémon are recorded and honored. Red places his [[Poké Ball]]s on the recording device, and a portrait of his Pokémon and himself appears on the wall. Red wonders if it is okay for a person like him being a Champion, but Professor Oak says that he fought with great honor, and he should be proud of that. Red agrees, and promises to not bring shame on the title of Pokémon League Champion.
Even though Red is now the Pokémon League Champion, his journey isn't over yet, as he still has numbers of Pokémon to catch in order to complete the [[Pokédex]]. During his travels, he even encounters the three {{pkmn2|legendary}} [[legendary birds|bird Pokémon]]; {{p|Articuno}}, {{p|Zapdos}}, and {{p|Moltres}}. With his skills, Red manages to catch even these powerful legendary Pokémon, adding their data to the Pokédex.