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Trivia: It is cool, but it's also on Birthday. I don't think it really belongs here...
* These are the only [[core series]] games that do not have ''Version'' (or its equivalent in that language) in their Western language names.
* These are the only [[core series]] games to be released on the same date worldwide.
* A cool Easter Egg occurs if you play either game on your birthday (or what is set as your birthday on your 3DS), If you visit the Pokemon Center, the room will instantly grow dark. A few seconds later, the room will illuminate with confetti cannons and Nurse Joy giving you a birthday message. The LED behind her will show a cake to commemorate your birthday, plus the Pokemon Center Theme also has been changed to a more melodic and soothing sound. Every time you want to heal your Pokemon, she'll say "Happy Birthday" to you and then ask to heal your Pokemon.
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