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List of glitches (Generation IV)

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Broken escalator
===Broken escalator===
{{bulbanews|Nintendo officially acknowledges glitches in Diamond and Pearl}}
This is one of two glitches in [[Generation IV]] [ officially acknowledged by Nintendo], with the other being the [[surf glitch]]. In the Japanese versions of Diamond or Pearl, after entering the Union Room on the second floor of the Pokémon League building, when the player goes up to the second floor of a Pokémon Center, the player will end up in a wall and not be able to return.
In the case where the player has not saved the game while trapped, it is possible to [ work around this bug]:
#Speak to the leftmost attendant (there is no need to actually participate in a Super Contest).
#Save the game and restart.
Just like the surf glitch, this anomaly can be corrected with a patch released by Nintendo, which alllows the player to resume the game in front of their house, in [[Twinleaf Town]].
===Dress-up Hiker glitch===