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* In the [[Pokémon Stadium series]], Brock has been shown with several non-Rock-type Pokémon that he would later own in the anime, namely {{p|Golbat}} in Stadium's Round 2 fight, {{p|Forretress}} in Stadium 2's Round 1 fight, and {{p|Steelix}} in Stadium 2's Round 2 fight.
* Despite being a Rock-type [[Pokémon Trainer]], none of his Pokémon knew any Rock-type moves in [[Generation I]], only knowing Normal-type moves. This was fixed in {{game3|FireRed and LeafGreen|their remakes|s}}.
* Brock is one of two [[Gym Leader]]s not to give the {{player}} a TM of his {{t|Rock|Gym's specialty type}}, the other being [[Falkner]]. This is only true in [[Generation I]], as, in the remakes, his chosen TM changed from {{TM|34|Bide}} to {{TM|39|Rock Tomb}}.
** However, in [[Generation II]] there was no TM that contained a {{type|Flying}} move for Falkner to give, whereas in [[Generation I]] {{m|Rock Slide}} is available by [[TM48]].