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If a Pokémon is '''grounded''', it can normally be affected by {{type|Ground}} attacks.
In addition to {{type|Ground}} attacks, beinga ungroundedgrounded givesPokémon immunityis toaffected by:
* the {{type|Ground}} move {{m|Spikes}}
* the {{type|Poison}} move {{m|Toxic Spikes}}
* the Ability {{a|Arena Trap}}
* the damaging turn of the {{type|Flying}} move {{m|Sky Drop}}
Being '''ungrounded''' gives the Pokémon an immunity to these
AEvery Pokémon is not normallyconsidered grounded ifunless it:
* is a {{type|Flying}} Pokémon.
* has the Ability {{a|Levitate}}.
* is under the effect of the move {{m|Telekinesis}}.
AAn ungrounded Pokémon can become grounded if it:
* is holding the item {{DL|In-battle effect item|Iron Ball}}.
* is under the effect of the move {{m|Gravity}}.