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Ambrette Town

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{{Itemlist|Rare Candy|Coastal Level; near three breakable rocks against the cliff face, from the southernmost rock take four steps south and four steps west ''(hidden)''|X=yes|y=yes|display={{dl|Vitamin|Rare Candy}}}}
{{Itemlist|Pearl|Coastal Level; at the foot of the cliff, south side of the town.|X=yes|y=yes|display={{DL|Valuable item|Pearl}}}}
{{Itemlist|NoneAerodactylite|From a Scientist in the Fossil Lab after returning from [[Glittering Cave]]|X=yes|y=yes|display={{DL|Mega Stone|Aerodactylite}}}}
{{Itemlist|Shock Drive|From a {{tc|Hiker}} in the Fossil Lab after showing him a {{p|Genesect}}|X=yes|y=yes|display={{DL|Drive|Shock Drive}}}}
{{Itemlist|Burn Drive|From a Hiker in the Fossil Lab after showing him a Genesect|X=yes|y=yes|display={{DL|Drive|Burn Drive}}}}