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Just like any great Gym Leader, {{an|Misty}} works hard from morning to night performing a set of vital and necessary tasks. At the moment, she's feeding the {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} again. They enjoy the new food, which Misty comments that {{an|Professor Oak}} will be glad to hear about. After she pulls {{OPTP|Misty|Psyduck}} out of one of the food buckets, [[Daisy]] appears. Misty tells her that, despite them being back for three weeks, she hardly ever sees them. She then asks where the other two are, and Daisy explains that [[Violet]] is at dance-practice, while [[Lily]] is at her body-sculpting class at the Gym. Now that Misty has taken over the Gym, they are devoting all their time to their career as actress models. Misty tells her that being a Gym Leader is tiring work, so Daisy promises that Violet and Lily will pitch in when they get back, though that won't be until late next week.
Elsewhere, two mysterious, though familiar, figures appear at a hamburger restaurant. They ask for a Hyper Happy Burger combo, with a prize in the fries. After being seated and checking that no one is around, they activate a small box that was in the fries. [[Professor Namba|Namba's]] voice comes out of it and informs [[Cassidy]] and [[Butch]] that their next mission is to apprehend a {{p|Delcatty}}. It is owned by a young boy living somewhere in [[Cerulean City]] and must be seized as quickly as possible.