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In the Pokemon Center, as everyone is eating dinner, Ash states that his countermeasure for Gust is now complete, and Bonnie stats that now he only needs to deal with Sticky Web, Psychic, and the ice battlefield. Ash says he has an idea for the ice battlefield, and {{an|Bonnie}} is excited to know, but is disappointed that Ash is keeping that a secret. {{an|Clemont}} says he can help with handling Sticky Web, and Ash says it's right back to training after they all eat, with Pikachu and Fletchling agree to. As they continue eating, Serena admiringly stares at Ash.
On the battlefield, Clemont presents and elaborates on his new invention, a cannon that fires artificial Sticky Webs, which he names the "Sticky Web Sticky Wicket Whacker Wonk". Bonnie and Serena are confused about the name, while Ash takes an infatuation to the device. Clemont fires artificial Sticky Webs at Pikachu and Fletchling, which they dodge. Everything seems to go all and well, until Clemont sets his machine to maximum level and tilts up wards, causing itsticky globs of webbing to be lodged in the barrel, malfunction and explode, giving everyone an afro. Despite this, Ash still has an idea, and sends out his {{TP|Ash|Froakie}} and uses its Frubbles in place of Sticky Web. After the training, Bonnie begins to fall asleep, and Clemont puts her to bed. Serena sees Ash's determination, and Ash assumes she may do that someday, but Serena says she still doesn't know what she wants to do. Ash understands, and says that she will find something she likes one day.
The next day, Ash and Viola's rematch is about to get underway, with Alexa telling Serena that she wasn't expecting her of all people to give Ash his much-needed inspiration. After the referee lays out the rules, Viola mentions to Ash that Alexa had told her about his relentless training from the day before. Ash is equally psyched, saying that the aforementioned training is sure to earn him a badge this time. Viola deploys {{p|Surskit}} while Ash sends out Pikachu. At first, neither side does anything (except for Surskit skating from side to side), Alexa pointing out that Ash is waiting for Surskit to make the first move. Surskit does so and fires {{m|Sticky Web}}. Pikachu has no trouble dodging it, with Serena noting that the training session has paid off. Pikachu uses {{m|Thunderbolt}}, which Surskit blocks with {{m|Protect}}. Pikachu then dodges a {{m|Signal Beam}} before landing a hit with {{m|Iron Tail}}. Viola then tells Surskit to freeze the battlefield with {{m|Ice Beam}}, but anticipating this, Ash tells Pikachu to latch on and use Thunderbolt, causing Surskit to blindly fire Ice Beam all over the place. However, Pikachu is unable to do a Thunderbolt in time, and is finally thrown off, allowing Surskit to freeze the entire battlefield the same way as before.