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Misty (anime)

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* She is the first main character to be seen owning a [[Generation II]] Pokémon, that Pokémon being Togepi.
* Misty is the only one of her sisters not named after a flower, the names of her sisters being Daisy, Violet, and Lily. However, she does have the name for {{wp|baby's breath}} in Japanese.
* Misty is the first victim of the recurring gag in the anime where Ash's Pikachu destroys every main female character's bike. This gag was also transferred to May and Dawn. However this gag did not affect Iris, (instead Pikachu zapped Iris herself) and Serena.
* Misty is the female traveling companion to have appeared in the most amount of episodes, with 280 - Dawn is second with 200, May is third with 197 and Iris is last with 141.
*Both [[Jessie]] and Misty were voiced by [[Rachel Lillis]] and then switched at some point to [[Michele Knotz]].