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Mewtwo followed the Genesect Army to [[New Tork City]], which they had thought to be a good replacement for their past home, its tall buildings resembling the stone pillars around [[Genesect's home|their ancient habitat]]. The Red Genesect had found the Douse Drive Genesect making friends with {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}}, but felt them as threats, and had it attack its new friends. Thankfully Mewtwo in its Mega Evolution was able to block the attack, saving Ash and his friends as the Genesect fled. Mewtwo asked them if they were alright, but ignored Ash, {{an|Iris}}, and {{an|Cilan}}'s gratitude, saying that it was only trying to save {{AP|Pikachu}} and {{TP|Iris|Axew}}. Ash pleaded to know more about Genesect, so Mewtwo explained how they were Pokémon created by humans, having been restored from 300-million-years-old [[fossil]]s, and then having weaponized armors attached to their bodies. As they were now in a completely different world than they used to live in, everything around them seemed alien to them, and they treated everyone around them as their enemies. Mewtwo explained how it knew how they felt, for it was also created by humans. It then told Ash and his friends to forget ever seeing it, and flew away, knocking over eavesdropping {{TRT}} in the process.
Later, a pair of {{p|Starly}} came to Mewtwo, explaining how the Genesect Army had taken over the [[Pokémon Hills]], building their new, giant nest in the middle of it and chasing away all the Pokémon that had used to live in there. Mewtwo arrived at the Pokémon Hills just in time to save a {{p|Feraligatr}} from falling after it had tried to battle the Red Genesect, but failed. Mewtwo tried to reason with the Red Genesect, telling it to stop hurting the Pokémon in the city. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that the Red Genesect refused to listen to any orders given to it, so Mewtwo realized it had to battle it in order to make it stop. With Mewtwo changing into its Mega Evolution and the Red Genesect changing into its High-Speed Flight Form, the two Pokémon had a high-speed battle race across New Tork City, until they both finally returned to the Pokémon Hills. When the Red Genesect tried to have its companions attack the wild Pokémon that had returned to protect their home, Mewtwo used {{m|Protect}} to save them. Mewtwo gave the Genesect Army a final warning, ordering them to stop, or it would have to defeat them. After taking a few hits from the Burn, Shock, and Chill Drive Genesect, Mewtwo changed into its Mega Evolution once again, engaging in yet another high-speed battle with the Red Genesect, this time inside the Pokémon Hills. The Red Genesect commanded its fellow Genesect to stop Mewtwo with their sticky threads, but Mewtwo was easily able to knock them down. This, however, caused a shortcutshort circuit in the Pokémon Hills power generator, causing the Genesect nest to catch fire. As Mewtwo was distracted for a second while watching the Pokémon below trying to stop the fire, the Red Genesect took the opportunity to attack it with {{m|Blaze Kick}}.
Before Mewtwo could fall down, Ash managed to grab a hold of it, holding it up for the couple of seconds it needed to recover. As Mewtwo and the Red Genesect prepared for a final faceoff, Ash stepped between the two, saying that this place wasn't the Genesect's home, and told how he had made a promise to the Douse Drive Genesect to find it a home, saying that every Pokémon belong somewhere. All the Pokémon, including Mewtwo, seemed to understand Ash's point, but the Red Genesect showed that it still refused to understand, attacking the group with {{m|Techno Blast}}. Mewtwo changed into its Mega Evolution and easily stopped the attack. Then, realizing that it had only one choice to make—to go where there is no one else—it took the Red Genesect, and sped up to the edge of space with it, showing it the entire planet. Mewtwo explained that everyone created to this world has a purpose, and that everyone in the world were each others' friends, even them. Seeing the Red Genesect's anger finally disappearing, Mewtwo decided that it was time for them to return back home. However, the stress of the lift had been too much for them, causing Mewtwo and the Red Genesect to pass out during the fall. Thankfully, Ash was able to come up with an idea of several {{t|Psychic}}- and {{type|Water}} Pokémon forming a giant ball of water to soften their landing. Afterwards, when the Genesect had been brought to [[Absentia Natural Park]] where they could live in peace, Mewtwo thanked Ash and his friends for finding the Genesect a home. It agreed to Ash's statement of them being friends forever, saying that it would trust in his words forevermore. After this, it changed into its Mega Evolution once more, and flew away.