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List of clothing in the anime

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Clemont wore this nice suit in XY021, I'm familiar with it, saw pictures of men wearing something like this in my history text book at school. We were learning about the French Revolution.
* Clemont's pajamas were seen in ''[[XY007|Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!]]'' and ''[[XY009|Clemont's Got a Secret!]]'', including a nightcap and long-sleeved shirt with blue and light blue stripes.
* In [[XY018]], Clemont is shown to wear a white sleeveless undershirt and light blue striped bloomers underneath his jumpsuit.
* During his dating video in [[XY021]], Clemont wore blue French Revolution suit, which consists of a blue coat, light green pants and vest, white shirt, long white socks, and blue shoes.
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File:Clemont and Ash pajamas.png|Clemont in his pajamas
File:Clemont underwear.png|Clemont in his underwear and undershirt.
File:Clemont dating video.png|Clemont wearing a nice suit during his "dating" video for Pokevision.