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'''Three Isle Port''' (Japanese: '''3のしまみなと''' ''Island 3 Port'') is a relatively small area located on [[KinThree Island]] in the [[Sevii Islands]]. North of Three Isle Port is {{OBP|Three Island|town}} and the [[Three Isle Path]], while south of the port is the [[Seagallop|Seagallop Ferry]] dock. There is a cave to the right of the dock that leads to another area where only {{p|Dunsparce}} can be found.
==Route description==
===West segment===
The west portion of Three Isle Port is just a pathway or connector to {{OBP|Three Island|town}} from the [[Seagallop|Seagallop Ferry]] dock. There is a cave entry that leads to [[Three Isle Path]] that ends on the eastern side of Three Isle Port. Most of the West segment is made up of sandy ground.
===East segment===
The east portion cannot be accessed until after the player has defeated the [[Elite Four]] and has received the [[National Pokédex]], because the [[Three Isle Path]] is initially incomplete. After it is finished, the player can go through [[Three Isle Path]] and reach the east segment. The east portion seems to be a secluded rock cliff with a small patch of [[tall grass]]. Here, the player can find {{p|Dunsparce}}.
* Three Isle Port is also the only point in the [[Sevii Islands]] that holds the dock for the [[Seagallop|Seagallop Ferries]] that is not in a city, aside from [[Birth Island]] and [[Navel Rock]], the only islands which lack cities.
==In other languages==
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