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List of Pokémon Conquest items

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|effect=Prevents any [[status ailmentcondition]]s (for 3 turns)
|descconquest=A single-use held item that prevents the user from having any status ailments for 3 turns.
|locconquest=Lv. 2 and 3 {{DL|Kingdom location|Shop}} in [[Terrera]]
|effect=Prevents [[status ailmentcondition]]s.
|descconquest=Prevents status ailments. Can only be used by Oichi.
|effect=Prevents [[status ailmentcondition]]s. Disappears after a battle.
|descconquest=An equipment item that prevents status ailments. It can only be used once.
|locconquest=Lv. 3 {{DL|Kingdom location|Shop}}s in [[Aurora]], [[Terrera]], and [[Dragnor]]