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Alexa's Gogoat

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Personality and characteristics
==Personality and characteristics==
Gogoat and Alexa have been together for a long time. Their relationship is shown to be quite sweet since the moment they first met and Gogoat instantly clicked with her. During their travels, Alexa has relied on Gogoat to look after her, often keeping better track of her things than Alexa does herself (like telling Alexa where her equipment are). Gogoat has been shown to be distant from others, including {{Ash}} and {{an|Iris}} even after traveling with them for a while, but Gogoat warms up to people who show it their mind through touching its horns. As shown in ''[[BW138|Go, Go Gogoat!]]'' during Gogoat's adventure with Tony, it is valiant and quick to give help to those who need it. Gogoat has also been shown to be quite playful with people it has grown to trust, mainly Alexa.
==Moves used==