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Tyson (Hoenn)

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VAs for the Pokémon
{{incomplete|section|Hariyama's Japanese seiyū and Donphan's voice actors}}
This is a listing of Tyson's known {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}:
|epname=Like a Meowth to Flame
|vajp=Kōichi Sakaguchi
|vaen=DarrenKōichi DunstanSakaguchi
|desc=Tyson's {{p|Metagross}} debuted in ''[[AG125|Like a Meowth to Flame!]]'', when its Trainer used it to recover the Moltres Flame from {{TRT}}. It tried to use Confusion to stop the balloon in midair but was pushed to a stalemate when {{MTR}} cranked up the flames. Metagross was successful, however, in lowering the balloon so that {{Ash}} could jump in, then catching Ash when he jumped to safety.