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Appendix:Platinum walkthrough/Section 6

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Route 205 (Part 2)
{{itemlist|Cheri Berry|Berry patch above the pond|Pt=yes|display={{DL|Berry|Cheri Berry}}}}
{{itemlist|Pecha Berry|Berry patch above the pond|Pt=yes|display={{DL|Berry|Pecha Berry}}}}
{{Itemlist|Oran Berry|Berry patch above the pond|Pt=yes|display={{DL|Berry|Oran Berry}} x2}}
{{itemlist|Super Potion|Hidden by the honey tree, northeast corner of the route|Pt=yes|IV|display={{DL|Potion|Super Potion}}}}
{{itemlist|Guard Spec.|On the outlook of the south part of the pond near the entrance to [[Eterna City]]|Pt=yes|IV|display={{DL|Battle item|Guard Spec.}}}}