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List of traps by function
*Pit Trap - A huge pit opens up underneath the Trap to immobilize the victim.
*Crater Trap
===Invisible traps===
*Fade trap - Stepping on this Trap makes the victim invisible.
===Movement traps===
Moving traps will move a player stepping on them in the indicated direction and they will be unable to stop themselves unless they hit into an obstacle or go too far. Stepping on a Hurl Trap will cause a player to move about twice the distance as a normal Move Trap.
*Leaf Trap - This Trap releases immobilizing leaves. Blow the leaves away to get free.
*Flower Trap - This Trap releases many flowers. Blow the flowers away to get free.
===Radar traps===
*Radar Trap - Stepping on this renders the Radar useless for a while.
===Rock traps===
Rock traps drop a rock on the player. After the rock has been smashed away using the touch screen, the player can move again. The Rock Trap's rock takes less hits to smash.