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Bellossom (Pokémon)

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Trivia: If we are counting mega evolutions with Pokémon of each type having the highest stat, I don't see why we don't count them here as well. Mega Aggron isn't part rock.
* Bellossom is the shortest fully-evolved Pokémon at 1'04".
* In its {{2v2|Gold|Silver}} artwork, and artwork made earlier, Bellossom's body is shown with a blue color instead of its usual green. This color is similar to that of its evolutionary relatives and its Shiny color in [[Generation II]].
* Bellossom is the only single-type Pokémon that evolves from a dual-type Pokémon (thus the only Pokémon which loses its secondary type upon evolution).
* Bellossom shares the same [[species]] name with {{p|Vileplume}} and {{p|Bellsprout}}. They are all known as the Flower Pokémon.
* In [[Generation II]], Bellossom could not learn {{m|Sludge Bomb}} from TM36, despite its pre-evolutions being able to do so. This was fixed starting in [[Generation III]]. The only other Pokémon to lose the ability to learn a TM upon evolution is {{p|Cinccino}}, which lost its ability to learn {{m|Thief}} from TM46 in {{2v2|Black|White}}. This was fixed in {{2v2|Black 2|White 2}}.