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''[[Pokémon Black & White: Rival Destinies]]'' began on 16 September 2013 (just short of an year after the end of the previous season) and finished on 21 November 2013. The season title was fully translated onscreen for the first time.
''[[Pokémon Black & White: Adventures in Unova]]'' is scheduled to begin on 15 March 2014 and air two new episodes on both days of the weekend.
The dub of ''[[M10|The Rise of Darkrai]]'' aired on 25 December 2010 in the channel, as part of the Christmas campaign. It was produced in the '''Cinemágica''' studio (which, like the series from 11th season onwards, dubbed all the subsequent movies) and the movie was the first to have its ending songs dubbed into European Portuguese.
The movies ''[[M11|Giratina and the Sky Warrior]]'' and ''[[M12|Arceus and the Jewel of Life]]'' premiered on 13th and 23rd June 2011, respectively.
The dub''[[M11|Giratina ofand the Sky Warrior]]'' and ''[[M13M12|Zoroark:Arceus Masterand the Jewel of IllusionsLife]]'' airedmovies premiered on 2213th and 23rd June February2011, 2012respectively.
DVD releases of the movies 10 and 11 appeared in the stores on 1 May 2012, with later movies following suit afterwards.
The dub of ''[[M14M13|Pokémon The MovieZoroark: Black—VictiniMaster andof ReshiramIllusions]]'' premiered in the channelaired on 1522 AugustFebruary 2012,. whileDVD thereleases ''Pokémonof Thethe Movie:movies White—Victini10 and Zekrom''11 versionappeared firstin airedthe stores on 261 AugustMay 2012., ''[[M15|Pokémonwith thelater Movie: Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice]]'' premiered onmovies 25following Decembersuit 2013afterwards.
''[[M14|Pokémon The Movie: Black—Victini and Reshiram]]'' premiered in the channel on 15 August 2012, while the ''Pokémon The Movie: White—Victini and Zekrom'' version first aired on 26 August 2012.
''[[M15|Pokémon the Movie: Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice]]'' premiered on 25 December 2013. Like its accompanying season's title, the movie title was translated onscreen for the first time.
The [[M05|Pokémon Heroes]], [[M06|Jirachi: Wish Maker]], [[M08|Lucario and the Mystery of Mew]] and [[M09|Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea]] movies have never been dubbed.
[[Ash Ketchum]], for example, had no less than ten different voice actors over the years. The first voice actress to dub Ash was '''Maria João Luís''', who stopped doing it regularly after [[EP031]], but oddly did it one final time in [[EP033]]. In addition, she returned for the [[M01|first]] and the [[M02|second]] movies. In [[EP032]], and from [[EP034]] until [[EP094]] '''Sandra Faleiro''' replaced her. Starting from [[EP095]], '''Sandra de Castro''' voiced the character, until [[EP128]]. She reprised the role from [[EP158]] to [[EP209]], [[AG093]] to [[AG177]], and finally, from [[DP001]] to [[DP052]]. During the breaks between Sandra de Castro's returns to the cast, the role was given to '''Alexandra Sedas''', from [[EP129]] to [[EP157]], '''Bárbara Lourenço''' ([[Pokémon: Master Quest|5th]] and [[Pokémon: Advanced|6th]] seasons, along with [[Pokémon Chronicles]]), '''Raquel Ferreira''' ([[Pokémon: Advanced Challenge|7th]] season) and '''Ana Madureira''' from [[AG178]] until [[AG192]]. Two other actresses to voice the character were '''Cristina Carvalhal''' ([[M03|3rd]] and [[M04|4th]] movies) and '''Sara Marques''' (in the [[M07|7th]] movie). With the production being moved to Porto in 2010, the VA was replaced again. '''Raquel Rosmaninho''' took over the role starting from the [[Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Battle Dimension|11th]] season, being notably the first voice actress since Maria João Luís to give Ash Ketchum the voice in both episodes and movies, all starting from the [[M10|10th]] one.
{{an|Brock}} was originally dubbed by '''Peter Michael''', from [[EP005|his debut]] until [[EP083]]. He also gave him the role in the first and the second movies. '''Rui Quintas''' then dubbed the character from [[EP115]] until AG192 and also in ''Pokémon Chronicles''. The role was given to '''Luís Barros''' in the [[Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl|10th]] season. '''Vítor Emanuel''' voiced him in the 3rd and 4th movies, with an '''unknown''' VA filling the role in the infamous 7th movie dub. Starting from the 11th season and until his [[DP191|last main series appearance]], Brock iswas dubbed by '''Pedro Almendra''', who also provided the voice in the DP movies.
For the first 128 episodes, {{an|Misty}} was voiced by '''Helena Montez''', including the first 4 movies. After she left the cast, the character was dubbed by an '''unknown''' actress from EP129 to EP157. '''Paula Pais''' gave her the voice in the [[Pokémon: Johto League Champions|4th season]]. She was replaced again by an actress presumably named as '''Carla''', who dubbed her in the ''Master Quest'' season, her cameo appearance in the two-part arc in [[AG044]]-[[AG045]] and in ''Pokémon Chronicles''. The last VA to give her the voice was '''Isabel Ribas''', in [[AG132]]-[[AG134]].
[[Max]]'s voice was first given to '''Sandra de Castro''', who dubbed the character in the 6th and 7th seasons. '''Raquel Ferreira''' replaced her from AG093 until AG177. An '''unknown''' VA performed the role in the 7th movie. Another '''unknown''' VA provided the voice in the last 15 AG episodes.
{{an|Dawn}}'s voice was first given to '''Raquel Ferreira''' in the 10th season. She was replaced by '''Joana Carvalho''' in the 11th season and provided the voice until her [[BW093|last appearance]], includingas well as in all DP movies.
{{an|Iris}}' voice was given to '''Isabel Queirós'''.
{{an|Cilan}}'s role was performed by '''Pedro Manana'''.
The original [[Narrator]]'s voice was '''Rui de Sá''', in the first four seasons. '''Rui Quintas''' replaced him from the 5th to 10th seasons, andalong alsowith donedoing the role in ''Pokémon Chronicles''. '''Paulo B''' was the VA exclusively in the 1st movie, '''Carlos Freixo''' only in the 2nd movie, '''José Jorge Duarte''' in the 3rd and 4th movies, and finally, an '''unknown''' one in the 7th movie. After the switch of the rights of the series in 2010 between SIC and Panda Biggs '''Mário Santos''' took the roleover, beginning from the 11th season and the 10th movie, respectively.