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To combat the usage of programs like Pokésav, Nintendo has banned the use of all Pokémon they determine to be "hacked" from online play. This includes such Pokémon with impossible movesets, Abilities, or genders that they're not supposed to have such as a {{p|Spiritomb}} [[Wondertomb|with]] {{a|Wonder Guard}} or a male {{p|Chansey}}. However, sometimes Nintendo's servers cannot differentiate edited Pokémon from trained Pokémon, so these legitimate-looking Pokémon are often let through.
When the early version of {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}'s Pokésav was released, Sinnoh location names were still in the program, making it difficult to set some values. This was later fixed in the Japanese version, though the current English version (.03a) still lacks this important update. It was later discovered that HeartGold and SoulSilver do not read location in the traditional sense, and instead use a hidden hexadecimal value to read Johto/Kanto location names.
People who have translated Pokésav: English translations by various (GSD/CadaGuti/fenzo666/coolbho3k), Dutch translation by Grovyle91, French translation by fenzo666 (D/P) and GruntZ (Platinum), German translation by mountarreat. English translation for Pokésav HGSS by CloneCharizard.