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Pokémon X and Y

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You start off in Vaniville Town. You meet Shauna and either Serena or Calem depending on the gender you chose. You then go to Aquacorde Town where you meet tierno and Trevor, 2 of your other friends. You then choose either chespin, fennekin, or froakie. Shauna will choose what is weak to you and Serena/Calem will choose what is weak to you. Enough with the beginning, the main story involves Team flare. A sharply dressed team of evil people. Team Flare's goal is to make a better world by using the ultimate weapon to wipe out everyone not in team flare. Lysandre, their leader thinks people take advantage of their pokemon and are selfish. A war is referenced throughout the story and Lysandre brings it up as a motive even though he knows this plan is wrong. Great story to be fair.