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How to write nicely
If someone makes an incorrect edit, nobody is done a favor by degrading the incorrect party. Of course, it is the duty of another user to correct the problem. But snide comments aren't required—or even useful. New users aren't made better if they feel like outsiders to a private club—and Bulbapedia isn't a club. This is the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. We accept everyone with an e-mail address.
If someone starts trouble on your talk page, don't respond in kind. Let it slide, or, if you have to respond, respond nicely. If it's really bad, contact an administrator—administrators are here to help. If it's an administrator, causing the problem or you don't feel comfortable talking to any of the admins, contact {{u|WerdnaeKogoro}}, the current Editor-in-Chief. If you don't feel comfortable talking to him for some reason, or need outside perspective, {{u|evkl}} and {{u|Archaic}} are both available to field issues.
===Other aspects of the user space===