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Appendix:Platinum walkthrough/Section 6

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Once inside, a woman named [[Cheryl]] will ask you to escort her through the forest, since she is worried about being attacked by [[Team Galactic]]. When traveling with her, all wild encounters will become [[Double Battle]]s! You also have the option of challenging pairs of Trainers as a tag team with Cheryl or by yourself by talking to them to fight individual battles. The greatest benefit of traveling with her is that after every battle, she will fully heal your team! This makes Eterna Forest a great place to train for your upcoming Gym Battle.
|color={{HP color}}
|bordercolor={{HP color dark}}
|location=Eterna Forest
|pokemon1 style={{Pokémon/4"margin:auto" |
The most direct route from the southern exit to the northern exit is as follows: travel northeast from the entrance, through the [[tall grass]], and then directly north, following the path between a Lass and a Bug Catcher. Then, continue east a short way to the trees and then south to a large patch of tall grass. From there, continue east until the eastern wall is reached. A considerable distance north of there is the exit, around a small rock ledge. However, you may (and should) choose to deviate from this route, as there are a lot of items and Trainers to be found in Eterna Forest. Once you reach the northern exit, Cheryl will leave. Additionally, the Old Chateau (where {{hm|01|Cut}} is necessary to clear the trees blocking it) is near the exit. You'll be coming back here later.
|color={{grass color}}
|bordercolor={{grass color dark}}
|location=Eterna Gym
|move3=Sunny Day|move3type=Fire|move3cat=Status
|move4=Magical Leaf|move4type=Grass|move4cat=Special}}
|move2=Magical Leaf|move2type=Grass|move2cat=Special
|move3=Poison Sting|move3type=Poison|move3cat=Physical
|move4=Stun Spore|move4type=Grass|move4cat=Status}}}}