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Bonnie (anime)

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Bonnie is a young and cheerful girl who is always excited to meet new Pokémon. At times, she gets too invasive with Pokémon, similar to {{an|Iris}}, [[Burgandy]] and {{an|Bianca}}, causing them to attack her. She is very proud of her brother's accomplishments as an inventor but sometimes criticizes him. For reasons currently unknown, she tries to find a wife for Clemont, first seen when she asks [[Viola]] and {{kal|Jessica}} if they could marry her brother, causing him to get embarrassed and comically remove her with his Aipom arm.
Another notable trait of Bonnie's is her desire to not feel left out. Though she cannot own her own Pokémon, she participates in things that are available to her, such as refereeing unofficial matches. She also asks her brother permission to "keep" Pokémon that she one day wants to train, when she is old enough to be a Trainer. These accomplishments may seem small but they are a way for Bonnie to occupy herself and continuously learn more about being a Trainer.