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[[File:EP194 error.png|thumb|200px|right|Machamp's miscolored jaw. Note thatAlso, there areshould fivebe Pokémonat onleast the wall where theseven losing Pokémon are,in wherethis there should be at least sevensection.]]
* Brock [[Fourth wall|breaks the fourth wall]] at the beginning of this episode.
* TheDespite the sumo competition has a's weight requirement of at least {{tt|80 kilograms|176.4 lbs}}, though many of the competing Pokémon's havelisted anspecies averageweights weightare below the requirement, such as {{p|Arbok}} (65 kg) and {{p|Nidoking}} (62 kg). This is most likely thatbecause each species of Pokémon havecan varyingvary weightsin weight in the anime, insteadas ofopposed all weighingto the samegames, aswhere theymembers doof ina species almost always weigh the gamessame.
* The idea of Pokémon Sumo Wrestling would later be revisited in ''{{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}'' with the Ring Drop and Circle Push events of the [[Pokéathlon]].
* When Ash called Professor Oak, he said he needed Snorlax because it was his only Pokémon that met the weight condition. However, Ash's Tauros could also fit the weight category weighing at 88.4 kg.
* Music from the [[M02|second movie]] can be heard in this episode.
* WhenAsh Feraligatrtells triesProfessor toOak attackthat BlastoiseSnorlax is his only Pokémon that meets the weight condition, itsbut any of his 88.4-kg brownTauros jawcould becomesalso bluequalify.
* During one of Feraligatr's lunges at Blastoise, its jaw is blue instead of cream.
* On the rostrum, a Machamp's jaw is miscolored dark gray instead of cream.
* DuringIn one scene, Nidoking is coloredgrey grayinstead of purple.
* During another scene, the competing Pokémon are shown on a wall. Six are shown, but there should be at least eight. ThisSince isthe becausesumo incompetition is a single-elimination style tournament, like the one in the episode,there must be two, four, eight, sixteen, or etc. competitors.
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