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List of Pokémon by Johto Pokédex number

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** It is unknown why this was done: in FireRed and LeafGreen, a Pokémon which would evolve into a Pokémon outside of the Kanto Pokédex was automatically stopped from doing so, most notably in the examples of {{p|Golbat}} and {{p|Chansey}}, though any Pokémon which evolves into a Pokémon not introduced in Generation I will be prevented from evolving, including Generation II and Generation III Pokémon hacked into the game (Generation II Pokémon that become Generation I Pokémon by evolving, however, are still allowed to evolve). This is also possibly because FireRed and LeafGreen locked out trading with non-Kanto games and disallowed trading of non-Kanto Pokémon until the Ruby and Sapphire were collected and the National Pokédex obtained, respectively. Possibly because this was viewed by many as a cumbersome task preventing players from raising their favorite Pokémon, it was dropped from HeartGold and SoulSilver.
** It is also possible to acquire some Pokémon from outside the Johto Pokédex before the National Pokédex is obtained from the [[PokéWalker]].
* Due to containing the five Generation IV evolutions of {{p|Tangela}}, {{p|Lickitung}}, {{p|Aipom}}, {{p|Yanma}}, and {{p|Piloswine}}, the Johto Pokédex is the only Pokédex of a region that contains Pokémon of a generation ''after'' the generation the region itself was introduced, rather than just ones of its own generation (Kanto, Old Unova) or ones of its own and past generations (Hoenn, Sinnoh, New Unova, Kalos).
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