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* Start of turn:
*:* WithWhen low healthasleep:
::"''Sleeping still.''"
:* With low health or a status ailment:
::"''This looks dangerous.''"
:* When victory is near:
::"''This looks promising.''"
:* Otherwise:
::"''I will advance.''"
* When ordering an attack:
:"''<move's name>! Do it.''"
* Start of battle:
:* When defending a castle:
::"''A challenge. Excellent.''"
* During battle:
--:"''<Pokémon's name>* Atand startI will claim glory... On this field of turn:battle!''"
:"''I will advance.''"
* When ordering to attack:
:"''None<move's can stop mename>! NoDo matter how many they number!it.''"
* When ordering to go to battle:
:* To a kingdom:
::"''None can stop me! No matter how many they number!''"
:* To a wild Pokémon location:
::"''Right, we're off!''"
* Upon forming a [[link]]:
:"''Come, <Pokémon's name>. You're with me now.''"
* When using an item:
:"''My <item> will help.''"
* When using his [[Warrior Skill]]:
:"''Learn of my might the hard way!''"
* After winning a battle:
:"''''"* If he attacked a castle:
-->:* WhenIf defeatedhe defended a castle:
* When defeated:
** If recruitable:
::"''Hm. You are a fine Warrior.''"
:* If defeated by something other then the enemy:
:* Otherwise:
::"''How could I be forced to retreat...?''"
* When being recruited: