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Vs. Seeker

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===Generation III===
[[File:Vs Seeker demonstration FRLG.png|thumb|250pxframe|left|{{ga|Red}} uses the Vs. Seeker on {{rt|25|Kanto}}. Five Trainers wish to have a rematch.]]
The Vs. Seeker can be obtained from a girl in the [[Vermilion City]] Pokémon Center, claiming that she is giving them out to everyone for free. The indication of a rematch is initially a speech bubble above the Trainers' heads with a black double exclamation mark ('''!!'''). After that, the Trainers jump up and down or raise their hands to remind the player post-battle of who wanted a re-match. Trainers that have not been battled previously by the player display a single red exclamation mark ('''<span style="color:#FF0000">!</span>'''), and do not jump up and down. Trainers that do not wish to battle display a blue speech bubble containing a white <span style="background:#8888FF; color:#FFFFFF">'''X'''</span>.