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Errors: there are no "level-up moves" or "TM moves" in the anime
* In a [[Pokémon Adventure Series]] book published by [[Golden Books]] based on this episode of the same name, at the end, it says that Team Rocket got blasted off by "{{m|ThunderShock|an electric shock they would never forget}}" when it was {{m|Psychic}} in the actual episode.
* The Captain kept his Haunter and Gastly inside regular Poké Balls, though his time was 300 years before the present. However, in ''[[M04|Celebi: Voice of the Forest]]'', [[Sam]] kept his {{p|Charmeleon}} inside of an older model of Poké Ball, despite being from only 40 years before the present.
* In the dub, [[Pokédex|Dexter]] says that once Gastly evolves into Haunter, it can learn the {{m|Dream Eater}} and {{m|Psychic}} attacks. Both Gastly and Haunter can learn {{m|Dream Eater}} when leveled up, but not Psychic. However, that move can be taught to both Pokémon via [[TM]].
* Jessie's Arbok used {{m|Tackle}}, but Arbok is [[Anime move errors|unable to learn Tackle in the games]].
* In one scene in the beginning when {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} are on {{AP|Lapras}}, {{Tracey}} is seen without pupils.
* In one scene in the beginning when Tracey chuckles after Ash explains that winning the remaining two Orange League badges will be easy, Tracey's animation freezes for about a half second.
* The CaptainGastly's Gastly used {{m|Lick}} on Meowth, however it should notshouldn't have takenaffected effect{{MTR}} Ghostbecause {{type|Ghost}} movesattacks don't affect Normal type Pokémontypes.
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