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<!--* Start of turn:
*:* WithWhen low healthasleep:
::"''Oh, still not up?''"
:* With low health or a status ailment:
:* When victory is near:
:* Otherwise:
::"''ILet thinkus it's time for <Pokémon's move>begin.''"
* Start of battle:
*:* When attacking a castle:
::"''We must follow our path to the end.''"
:* When defending a castle:
::"''Show the pride of the Warrior!''"
-->* During battle:
:"''Our progress depends on our success in this battle! We cannot afford to give anything but our very best.''"
* When ordering to attack:
:"''Right,I shallthink weit's headtime offfor then?<move's name>.''"
* When ordering to go to battle:
:* To a kingdom:
:* To a wild Pokémon location:
::"''Right, shall we head off then?''"
* Upon forming a [[link]]:
:"''All right, <Pokémon's name>! Come with me!''"
* When using an item:
:"''Use my <item>.''"
* When using his [[Warrior Skill]]:
:"''Patience is the watchword...''"
* After winning a battle:
:"''''"* If he attacked a castle:
::"''One step at a time—to victory.''"
:* If he defended a castle:
::"''I could never have done this without the support you all give me.''"
* When defeated:
:* If recruitable:
::"''Impressive... Your skills in battle are truly remarkable...''"
:* If defeated by something other then the enemy:
::"''What's this...?!''"
:* Otherwise:
::"''My apologies, <Pokémon's name>... I have let you down.''"
-->* When being recruited:
:"''Impressive...What Youra skillstremendous inhonor! battleEverything areI trulyhave yours!''"