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Regarding Volcanion, Hoopa and Diancie
:::Ah yes. I was wondering because the link in the Bulbanews article had no text on it.--[[User:BigBadBatter|BigBadBatter]] ([[User talk:BigBadBatter|talk]]) 22:48, 11 February 2014 (UTC)
::With all due respect, I think that's completely unreasonable. If fake isn't the issue, then I fail to see what could be. Even if the other two ''were'' [ dummied out], there's no reasonable doubt left that these guys aren't still on the game card and with all the glitch Pokémon we document that have never been officially acknowledged, shouldn't we at least put in a word about how the other two exist but aren't officially revealed yet? Look, think of this from a practical standpoint: the circumstances have changed. Diancie's been officially announced and yet most of the data out there when you Google it (as people are bound to do now) are gonna come up with Hoopa and Volcanion along with it. And when they to go look it up on Bulbapedia, they'll find info on one of the three while the other two are still not even acknowledged to exist. What, are we just gonna play dumb and not confirm or deny anything still? I know to assume good faith and all that jazz, but I think Bulbapedia's official stance on this at the moment reeks of stubbornness for no good reason. At the very least, acknowledge the controversy around the matter with an administrative announcement or something instead of keeping everything in talk pages. At least make our stance on these three visible, rather than not even telling people ''why'' the other two aren't listed unless they go looking in the right places. [[User:VinLAURiA|VinLAURiA]] ([[User talk:VinLAURiA|talk]]) 17:24, 14 February 2014 (UTC) (Note for transparency's sake: I'm an [ inclusionist].)
:::Unfortunately, policy is policy, and unless we have more people hacking the 3DS, we won't get pages 'til the official reveal. If you'd like to hack the 3DS to prove a point, I believe Smea did it by running homebrew and pokemon Y at the same time, allowing him to see the game's code, developed wild modifier cheat codes, making the event 'mons appear.--[[User:BigBadBatter|BigBadBatter]] ([[User talk:BigBadBatter|talk]]) 23:09, 19 February 2014 (UTC)
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