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Ash, Tory, Plusle and Minun go back to the lab, while the others try to power up the windmills to get more electricity, using ropes, Blaziken jumping from one blade to another, various {{t|Water}} Pokémon using {{m|Water Gun}}, {{t|Flying}} types using {{m|Gust}}, {{p|Metagross}} using {{m|Confusion}} and Team Rocket pedaling a machine.
Tory turns on the lasers to wake up the green Deoxys, but they're still 20% short on power, so Pikachu, Plusle and Minun shock the machine and it works. The stone grows into a Deoxys, who makes Ash and Tory float out of the building. However the other Deoxys is about to finish off Rayquaza after tackling it to the ground and continuing to attack it, and the second Deoxys comes and protects the Rayquaza from the attack. They both change [[Forme]] and release an aurora after beinbeing reunited. Then Rayquaza comes out of the ground, and is going to again attack the two Deoxys.
Because of the increased power, the block security robots power up and go on overdrive, trying to attack Rayquaza. It gets buried under the robots and, when the Deoxys try to help, they get buried as well.