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Stressed on his defeat, Red sits down next to a lake and thinks to himself that he and Blue should be at the same level, due to the fact that they both started their Pokémon journey at the same time. [[Brock]], who had watched Red's battle with Blue the entire time, states that Red is wrong, and that Blue was far more experienced than Red was during the battle. Additionally, Brock states that Red and his Charmander are not in sync. Brock asks Red what Pokémon battles are about and then leaves.
Later in the Pewter City museum, Red sees two people talking about the [[Pewter City]] gym leader. Then he is running to the gym. When Red gets there two people state that Red is weak and is light years from facing Brock. Then from behind, Brock says that he invited Red there. Then Brock asks if Red has an answer to the question he asked him. Red says no but that he went there for answers. In the battle Brock sends out {{p|Geodude}} and {{p|Onix}}. During the battle Red realizes that Pokémon aren't tools for battle but instead partners. After the battle red receives a {{badge|Boulder Badge}} and TM34: {{TM|34|Bide}}.
Then there is a change in scenery to Professor Oaks Lab. One of Prof.Oaks assistants asks him why he chose Red. Prof.Oak replies "Although hes clumsy, ever since he was a young boy he has hated to lose. But he is honest and he will learn from others around him and grow stronger." And he also says that he hopes Blue will grow along with Red.