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===In Pokémon Origins===
[[File:Mr Fuji PO.png|220px|thumb|Mr. Fuji in Pokémon Origins]]
Mr. Fuji's first appearance in [[Pokémon Origins]] was in the episode ''[[PO02|File 2 - Cubone]]''. Much like in the games, he had gone to the [[Pokémon Tower]] after it was taken over by [[Team Rocket]], trying to convince them to leave, but wound up as their hostage. After Team Rocket was driven out of the Pokémon Tower by {{OBP|Red|Origins}}, Mr. Fuji rewarded the young Pokémon Trainer with the [[Poké Flute]] and a pair of mysterious stones. When Red asked what the stones were for, Mr. Fuji told him that he would "find out soon enough".
Mr. Fuji later appeared in ''[[PO04|File 4 - Charizard]]'', where his past as Dr. Fuji is revealed by [[Professor Oak|Prof. Oak]]. Later, [[Reina]] told him about the rumoursrumors of an incredibly strong Pokémon seen in the [[Cerulean Cave]]. After hearing that the Pokémon is likely a {{t|Psychic}} type, he said, "So, it's still out there", indicatingindicated that he knew the identity of this Pokémon. After hearing of Red heading to capture the mysterious Pokémon, {{p|Mewtwo}}, Mr. Fuji began to think about Red's possibilities to win the fight against it. During his thinking session, Red battled Mewtwo in the Cerulean Cave, and wound up getting almost all of his Pokémon defeated, leaving him with only his {{p|Charizard}}. While Charizard battled Mewtwo, Mr. Fuji understood that Red's only hope of victory lied within the stones he had given to him. The stones, revealed to be [[Mega Stone]]s from the faraway [[region]] of [[Kalos]], gave Charizard strength to rise from the brink of defeat and [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolve]] into Mega Charizard X. This new power gave Charizard capability to defeat Mewtwo, allowing Red to {{pkmn2|caught|catch}} it.
====Voice actors====
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|Same as Japanese name; although Western audiences may be more familiar with ''Fuji'' as being a generic Japanese name.
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