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List of clothing in the anime

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Other clothes
* Ash wore army attire in ''[[EP133|Tanks a Lot!]]'' and ''[[EP218|Plant It Now... Diglett Later]]''.
* Ash wore a Team Rocket uniform in ''[[EP037|Ditto's Mysterious Mansion]]''.
* Ash wore a blue wetsuit and scuba gear in ''[[EP214|Mantine Overboard!]]'' to help retrieve a {{DL|Legendary artifacts|Silver Wing}}.
* Ash also wore a medieval themed outfit for [[DJ Mary]]'s radio show in ''[[EP160|Air Time!]]''. It was a long blue shirt with light gray tights. He also wore a green cap similar to the signature one of {{wp|Robin Hood}}.
* Ash also wore blue-and-black-colored ninja clothing in ''[[AG156|From Cradle to Save!]]''. Interestingly, he did not wear a white headband like most of the other characters, presumably because of his hat.