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Zapdos (Pokémon)

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===Major appearances===
====[[Legendary birds (M02)#Zapdos|Zapdos (M02)]]====
Zapdos made its first true appearance in ''[[M02|The Power of One]]''. [[Lawrence III]] wanted to capture the three [[legendaryLegendary birds]] as well as their master {{mov|Lugia|Lugia|02}}.
[[File:Lt Surge Zapdos Adventures.png|thumb|Zapdos in [[Pokémon Adventures]]]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
Having captured this legendaryLegendary bird in [[Kanto Power Plant|the abandoned Power Plant]] as in the games, [[Lt. Surge]] appears with Zapdos in his team during the events of {{PAV|3}}, using it as a never-ending power source for his Electric types, allowing them to continually shock {{adv|Red}} at full force, a strategy that turns against him when Red uses [[Saur]]'s {{m|Razor Leaf}} to cut the supply cords and his insulating underwear with them. After having been merged with {{p|Articuno}} and {{p|Moltres}} into [[Thu-Fi-Zer|an undiscovered Pokémon]], the three Pallet Town Trainers are able to defeat the combined monster, so it leaves his team, and [[Team Rocket]] afterwards to go back to the wild.
{{adv|Green}} later captures Zapdos before the {{chap|Gold, Silver, & Crystal}} and uses it against [[Will]] and [[Karen]], having caught it and its legendaryLegendary bird companions on her personal training journey to overcome her fear of birds. During this battle, it is lent to {{adv|Blue}} when things get rough. Once returned, it is put back in its [[Poké Ball]] and isn't seen again, meaning it has either been deposited into her box or released.
==In the TCG==
* Of all legendaryLegendary Pokémon with fixed in-game locations, Zapdos can be obtained with the fewest number of Badges: 3. In the [[Generation I]] games and [[Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions|their remakes]], one can catch Zapdos with only the {{Badge|Boulder}}, {{Badge|Cascade}}, and {{Badge|Soul}}, although it is far too strong for most Trainers at that stage, at level 50.
* Zapdos shares the same [[species]] name with {{p|Elekid}} and {{p|Electabuzz}}. They are all known as the Electric Pokémon.
* Zapdos and {{p|Jolteon}}'s Japanese names are almost exactly the same as each other's, with a final ''s'' being the only difference.
===Name origin===
Zapdos is a combination of ''zap'' and ''dos'' ({{wp|Spanish language|Spanish}} for ''two'', indicating that it is the second in the series of [[Kanto]] [[legendaryLegendary birds]]).
Thunder is literally ''thunder''.