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{{User Birthday|February 10}}
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{{User Favorite Champion|Lance}}
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{{User Favorite Move|059|Flamethrower|Fire}}
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| style="background: #{{electric color}}; {{roundy|10px}}" | [[File:695Heliolisk.png|100px|link=Heliolisk (Pokémon)]]
| style="background: #{{fairy color}}; {{roundy|10px}}" | {{color2|{{fairy color dark}}|fairy (type)|fairyFairy-type}}
| style="background: #{{fairy color}}; {{roundy|10px}}" | [[File:Spr 5b 039.png|link=Jigglypuff (Pokémon)]]
| style="background: #{{fairy color}}; {{roundy|10px}}" | [[File:Spr 5b 175.png|link=Togepi (Pokémon)]]