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Countess (Trainer class)

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A '''Countess''' (Japanese: '''カウンテス''' ''Countess'') is a type of [[Pokémon Trainer]] that debuted in the [[BattleGeneration ChateauVI]]. ofThis theTrainer [[Generationclass VI]]is gamesa [[Pokémontitle Xof andnobility, Y]].granted Thein femalethe [[playerBattle characterChateau]], becomesand aTrainers Countesswith afterthis defeatingclass enoughonly Trainersappear inthere. Countess is the Battlethird Chateaurank and,of alongnobility withfor itsfemales, maleranking counterpart classabove {{tc|EarlViscountess}}, isand thebelow next{{tc|Marchioness}}. nobleIts rankcounterpart heldfor bymales both her and trainers of the Battle Chateau afteris {{tc|ViscountessEarl}}.
OpponentThe Countessesfemale all[[player maintaincharacter]] partiesmay ofearn twothe Pokémontitle whichof areCountess atby levelwinning 25enough ifbattles in the playerBattle hasChateau. notAll issuedopponent aCountesses use parties of two Pokémon at level 25 (if no Writ of Challenge is active).
==Trainer list==
===Pokémon X and Y===
An active writ in the [[Battle Chateau]] may change the levels of Trainers' Pokémon or the reward they give.
{{Trainerlist/e|1|[[Battle Chateau|Countess]] Anita}}