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* When Ash and company continues their journey along with Serena, the black belt on {{an|Serena}}'s hat disappears three times.
* When Serena gave Ash the handkerchief that he give her when they were little, {{an|Serena}}'s collar is half colored black instead of white for a split frame.
* When something was coming near the trees, the brown and yellow colors of {{AP|Pikachu}}'s tail are swapped.
* When Ash and his friends were panicking, while the {{p|Rhyhorn}} were coming through, {{an|Bonnie}}'s satchel is colored orange, just like {{PTP|Clemont|Dedenne}} for a few frames, and later, when they're running away from the {{p|Rhyhorn}}, Dedenne's ears are completely orange for a few frames.
* The first time Ash tries to climb Rhyhorn his hat was not flipped backwards, but in the next scene when he gets up after falling down his hat was flipped backwards.
* When Serena is about to show how to ride on a {{p|Rhyhorn}}, while Bonnie was excited a lot, {{an|Serena}} got a line added near her neck for some reason.
* In one scene for a split frame, the left half of {{an|Serena}}'s ribbon is colored the same way as her hair.
* When [[{{Ash]]}} and the others are panicking because the {{p|Rhyhorn}} are going to hurt {{an|Serena}}, {{an|Clemont}}'s glasses are missing the orange part that holds his glasses through his nose.
* In one scene for a split frame, the right half of {{an|Serena}}'s ribbon is colored the same way as her hair.
* In a scene before the race begins, when Serena is sitting in the sidelines, her stockings are colored like her skin tone instead of black.
* When [[Ash]] notices what happened to the racers and their {{p|Rhyhorn}}, {{AP|Pikachu}}'s black disappears for a split frame. The same error repeats four times.
* When the mysterious web was getting closer to [[Ash]], {{AP|Pikachu}}'s tail is completely yellow without the brown color at the end of his tail for a few frames.
* In one scene for a split frame, [[Jessie]]'s left ear is colored white, just like her skirt, when their transporter was starting to shake.
* When [[Ash]] was saying to {{an[[Grace (Kalos)#In the anime|Serena}}'s mother]] that he rode on a {{p|Rhyhorn}} for the first time, {{an|Bonnie}}'s hairclip is colored the same way as her hair.
File:XY007 error 7.png|Serena's collar is half colored black
File:XY007 error 9.png|Bonnie's satchel with Dedenne's coloration
File:XY007 error 1.png|Serena's ribbon error
File:XY007_error_11XY007 error 11.png|Clemont's glasses error
File:XY007 error 10.png|Serena's ribbon error
File:XY007 error 2.png|Serena's stockings error
File:XY007 error 3.png|Jessie's left ear error
File:XY007 error 4.png|Bonnie's hairclip error