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Pokémon Bank Bug?
::See that's just the thing. I caught Shaymin in [[Flower Paradise]] and Darkrai in [[Newmoon Island]] respectively, but they still couldn't get through. My theory is that the date they were caught might've given it away, but I could be wrong. [[User:Pokedex493|Pokedex493]] ([[User talk:Pokedex493|talk]]) 04:58, 7 February 2014 (UTC)
:::I doubt it's the date. My friend has been transporting some of my RNGed Pokemon and none of them have correct dates. Did you happen to get them on Diamond and Pearl instead of Platinum? --[[User:Funktastic~!|<span style="color:#009900">'''It's'''</span> <span style="color:#CC66FF">'''Funktastic~!'''</span>]][[User talk:Funktastic~!|<sub><small><span style="color:#99CCFF">''話してください''</span></small></sub>]] 05:01, 7 February 2014 (UTC)
::::It's not really a surprise if an illegitimate Pokemon passes. It would be almost impossible for the hack-check to be completely foolproof. You can't actually check if something was created by hacking, really, because most hacking tools wouldn't want to leave such an indication. You can only check for oddities.
::::As for the two you express surprise about, Darkrai and say you hacked the Member's Card (I would assume you did the same for Oak's Letter). It's possible that Pokemon Bank is able to recognize that your game never acquired a Member's Card through legitimate means. Or maybe the game knew from the get-go and actually marked those Pokemon specially. (If the former (if it's just Bank putting two and two together), then they might go through if you traded them to a perfectly clean game. I stress that this is just a guess, though.) [[User:Tiddlywinks|Tiddlywinks]] ([[User talk:Tiddlywinks|talk]]) 05:02, 7 February 2014 (UTC)