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Waiter (Trainer class)

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A '''Waiter''' (Japanese: '''ウエーター''' ''Waiter'') is a type of [[Pokémon Trainer]] that first debuted in the [[Generation IV]] games. They are generally depicted as young men in typical waiter clothing. They are the male counterpart of {{tc|Waitress}}es. They use a variety of Pokémon but tend towards {{t|Normal}} types.
In the Generation IV games, Trainers from the Waiter class are generally rare and those that want to battle can be only be found in the {{siGdis|Battle Tower|IV}} and the {{OBP|Battle Frontier|Generation IV}}. There are no other Trainers from the Waiter class outside this place that will challenge the player to a battle.
A Waiter also welcomes the player into the [[Seven Stars Restaurant]] in {{3v2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}}, but he cannot be battled. <!--In [[Generation V]], Waiters use a variety of types, but they are sometimes related to food ({{p|Unfezant}}, {{p|Clamperl}}) or the dining experience ({{p|Lampent}}).-->